Massage Therapy – The Proof is in the Healing

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An increasing number of people are turning to massage therapy to help them cope with the stress and pressures of everyday life. Once described as “rubbing”, massage therapy involves the application of a variety of compression techniques applied to one’s muscles and soft tissues, resulting in improved state of overall health and well-being.

The art of massage therapy and the benefits it provides is nothing new; researchers have been touting its healing and relaxing properties for thousands of years. The friction that massage therapy creates through trained “rubbing” has been found to improve circulation and reduce pain in one’s joints. Different techniques are used to target different parts of the body to improve the functions of the various systems in our bodies, including our nervous circulatory systems.

An ongoing program of massage therapy can provide many mental and physical improvements, such as:

* Reduced chronic pain;
* Improved concentration;
* Better skin tone;
* Better sleep through relaxation;
* Lowered heart rate/blood pressure;
* Reduced effects of stress.

With so many different massage therapy techniques to choose from, many therapists use a combination to treat the same person. By stroking and kneading their clients’ bodies – along with the use of stimulating and soothing oils and lotions – many massage therapy fans are reporting an increase in energy as well.

There are few more effective ways to manage your stress level and relieve the symptoms of tension in your body and mind than with massage therapy. As with any other ongoing health management plan, you’ll get the most benefit by having massage therapy on a continuing basis. And by strengthening your overall immune system, massage therapy can aid your rehabilitation after surgery or an injury. It has also proven to be very effective in the treatment of such problems as depression, infertility, and the effects of smoking-cessation, to name a few.

The known side effects of massage therapy are few. Other than some temporary pain or discomfort during the procedure, most who receive a massage – at the hands of a trained therapist – report benefits that far outnumber any fleeting side effect.

Before integrating massage therapy into your regular health regimen, please keep the following in mind:

* Research is needed regarding any massage therapist you are thinking about visiting. Consider their credentials and training. Ask questions to determine if they are a good fit for the benefits you hope to derive from massage therapy
* Consult with your doctor to determine if massage therapy is a good addition to any existing medical care you are currently undergoing.
* Before including an ongoing program of massage therapy, get your doctor’s opinion and discuss how it can address your particular health needs.

Also keep in mind that massage therapy is very effective in the treatment of:

* Bronchitis;
* Carpal tunnel syndrome;
* Asthma and allergies;
* Sports injuries;
* Fibromyalgia;
* Depression and Anxiety.

You might also want to talk to your employer to see if they might consider including massage therapy as an addition to their existing health benefits package. Many companies – both large and small – who offer massage therapy to their employees are finding that it relieves stress, and in doing so, results in better morale and productivity, while decreasing absenteeism.

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