Beware of Pills

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Do not get caught up in fancy adverts that promote pills and white medication as the best treatments you could get. Don’t get me wrong, they work; but you could be better off with something else – something from Black Africa or the Orient. Learn…, and adapt.

Don’t subject yourself to hypnotism because your friend said that is what they did to get well. For all you know, the fragments of your mind might not be strong enough for that. Good though alternative medicine might be, you should be certain that your body can mind can take it before you log on to it.

Don’t because the rest of the country is subscribing to white medicine be a slave to is as well. There isn’t anything the matter with the procedures that it encompasses, besides the fact that it often puts down the other procedures as being less than perfect. Well neither is it, so if what you need is alternative medicine, get alternative medicine.

Prescription medication works, no questions asked; but it doesn’t work the same way for everybody, and certainly there are folks that it doesn’t work for at all. When you need healing desperately, you should not limit yourself to that option only, you should also consider alternative medicine as well.

Too many Americans do not even have a clue about alternative medicine because it is not what they learnt in school. Well I’d tell you this, when the chips are down it is not what you learnt in school that works for you, but your instincts. So if you need a cure to a disease, and alternative medicine is where that cure is at, alternative medicine is where you should be at.

You may categorize alternative medicine into as many fields as you might like to believe in. it only goes to show that it encompasses a whole lot more than conventional medicine does. That is why I personally think it might be a better option, or don’t you?

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