How to Control High Blood Pressure without Medication

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I’ve been recently diagnosed with high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, just like millions of other people. Unfortunately even minor high blood pressure, like I have, has serious long term health risks and I plan on living a long time! It’s not high enough for my doctor to suggest medication, at least not yet, and I don’t savor the notion of adding yet another pill to my daily regiment either. I’ve researched how to lower blood pressure without medication by reading medical literature, looking online, and talking to several doctor friends and here is what I’ve found.

Lower high blood pressure is all about lifestyle changes. A diet that is low in salt, includes lots of fiber, fruits, vegetables, and low fat dairy is recommended. I’ve added fruits and vegetables, no big deal, and slightly cut back on salt as well. Regular exercise is recommended, and as I’m a borderline exercise freak, at least when traveling on business, that’s no big problem. I just need to be more vigilant about doing some exercise during my frequent business trips. If you don’t exercise yet, something as simple as walking 30 minutes daily during lunch will lower blood pressure.

Some changes are tougher for me and perhaps you as well. Doctors recommend limiting alcohol to two drinks a day, and although I don’t drink daily I often have more than two like many other folks. I have cut back. Stress is something you should also try to limit. With my job, an intense wife, and three little kids I’ve made zero headway on this one. I’m considering taking up meditation to see if this helps.

The biggest change recommended to me is loosing quite a few pounds. Although I’m thinner than a year ago, I still have four inches of gut to lose according to my doctor! I’m working on it!

If you have hypertension you may be able to control or at least lower it with lifestyle changes, and certainly keep your doctor in the loop. These changes don’t happen overnight, they require dedication and commitment, but they certainly beat an early death, stroke, or heart disease!

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