Asperger Syndrome – A Neurological Disorder

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Asperger Syndrome is a neurological disorder where a person with normal language development and IQ also exhibits certain symptoms of autism, such as poor social and communication skills.

Unlike people with autism, Asperger sufferers are not withdrawn around others. Indeed, they have feelings for others, and want to make friends and develop relationships. Their social awkwardness and insensitivity tends to turn people off.

Asperger Syndrome is classified as a developmental disorder. There can be many characteristics associated with this disease, but there are some that are more common than others. Most people with Asperger Syndrome will usually become very preoccupied with a particular subject or area of interest to the exclusion of just about anything else in life. This is similar to many people who suffer from Autism.

Asperger Syndrome is a high functioning form of autism or developmental disorder. If your child has Asperger Syndrome, he will have at least normal intellectual capacity but may be lacking in the area of social development.

Asperger’s many variations can be found. Some show extremely difficult behavior while others may be easy to cope with and are easy to coach. Some have to deal with learning difficulties and perform poorly at school while others manage an academic career with notable success.

Asperger Syndrome look like typical kids. Looking back, we can probably all identify with somebody from our school years that possibly has High Functioning Autism or Asperger Syndrome. They were probably in our regular classrooms because they typically have average or above average IQ, however, they were the children who had always appeared somewhat “quirky”.

Those effective techniques you use with your mainstream kids will probably let you down. You must have a program that orients around the needs and interests of your child or student with Autism or Asperger Syndrome. You have to really ‘know your customer’. Spending time with a parent, last year’s teacher or an IEP [Individualized Education Plan] to create a personalized behavior program will be well worth the time.

Asperger Syndrome, High Functioning Autism, ADHD, and learning difficulties. Over her 20 years in special education classrooms and treatment settings, Ellen has seen the struggle that children and adults have when they feel they don’t fit in. She now works in private practice with people across the USA and Canada, by phone, teleconference groups and email, helping parents, educators, caregivers and their challenging loved ones, to find their own specific steps and tools to thrive.

One of the biggest characteristics of Asperger Syndrome is the lack of communication and social skills. Asperger children will find it hard to interact with other children of their own age and will find it difficult to make friends and maintain friendships. Sometimes they may make close friends and will maintain that friendship for a period of time and then all of a sudden that friend will no longer want to be friends with them.

Asperger Syndrome Symptoms:

- Difficulty in forming friendships.

- A preference for playing alone or with older children and adults.

- Ability to talk well, either too much or too little, but difficulty with communication.

- Inability to understand that communication involves listening as well as talking.

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