Why Do Your Ears Keep on Ringing?

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The condition, known as tinnitus, is a reaction from your body in response to another, bigger problem. The cause could be of a medical or a physical nature. The former can be treated by conventional medical means, but the latter cannot.

The human body is an incredibly complex mechanism. If any bodily function is not performed properly, it eventually leads to other repercussions. Tinnitus is such a side effect, and unfortunately its constant presence causes great discomfort.

Tinnitus, marked by frequent or even constant buzzing or ringing sounds in the ear, does sometimes have medical causes. These can include inner ear problems, or even high blood pressure. In these cases it is actually simple to rid yourself of the symptoms: Treat the medical problem, and the tinnitus will disappear.

Unfortunately, this only represents the minority of cases. In the majority of cases, it is caused by a loss of hearing, combined with other factors. The loss of hearing in itself does not mean you will develop tinnitus, since not all people with hearing loss suffer from tinnitus. Additionally, not all people suffering from tinnitus suffer from a loss of hearing.

Although the condition mostly appears among people suffering a loss of hearing, the actual trigger factors are quite different, and in some cases quite unusual. Factors may include stress, eating certain foods, and even the consumption of certain antibiotics and painkillers.

Additionally, the loss of hearing need not arise from exposure to noise. Many people struggle with continuous ear infections during early childhood, resulting in minor damage to the hearing. While the actual loss of hearing is not bad enough to directly affect the child’s quality of life at that stage, it does leave the child vulnerable to developing tinnitus relatively early in life.

Since tinnitus is, in most cases, not caused by a medical condition, it is not possible to address it by using conventional medical treatment. However, there is a way to address it naturally, by simply identifying the triggers and eliminating them. The process is not simple, but it is systematic and logical, and has been applied successfully many times.

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