Why Do People Have Panic Attacks

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Why Do People Have Panic Attacks that can strike them suddenly at any time, anywhere and for no obvious reason. With that being said, panic attacks commonly occur when a person is under pressure or placed in a scarey or unfamiliar situation, either consciously or unconsciously. That situation might be real or imagined, it can have the ability to highlight your worst fears or phobias , this being a trigger to the onset of a panic attack. These situations often arise when you least suspect, they and can become very uncomfortable for the sufferer and in the most severe cases they can be physically debilitating.

At other times, life changing scenarios can bring on the sensation of panic. Frequently these scenarios are related to distressing situations, for example divorce, loss of your job or maybe moving house, which is alleged to be one of our most nerve-wrangling occurrences. As well as these scenarios in helping to understand why do people have panic attacks, their are some other common triggers can play a part in contributing to your panic attacks.

Too much nicotine and or too much caffeine can both work against you. Keep a look out for withdrawal symptoms, particularly with caffeine. Alcohol is another substance that is worth cutting down on if you suffer from panic attacks. If you are out with friends and family, try swapping between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. If, for example, each other drink is a juice or a sparkling water, nobody except you may know that there’s no alcohol in the drink. Often panic attacks are related to hereditary factors, and more commonly events in our childhood.

There are no definitive answers as to why do people have panic attacks, it is estimated that up to 75% of the worlds population suffer this affliction to some degree, Joe Barry is an international panic disorder coach. His informative site on all issues related to panic and anxiety attacks can be found Why Do People Have Panic Attacks can be found HERE!

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