Depression is harmful for Health

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There are many different types of depression and as such healthcare professionals refer to them in different ways. Seasonal affective disorder, clinical depression and bipolar depression are all commonly diagnosed forms of depression. What causes most people confusion is when depression overlaps with another illness or disorder such as drug abuse. Diagnosing someone with depression in these circumstances is that much harder because the illness can mimic or even mask the effects of depression. The following text details the common forms of depression.

You will have no doubt heard the term major depression if you have suffered from depression or know someone that has. Major depression can start to show in cases where you have suffered some form of severe emotional trauma. Major changes in your life such as avoiding the gym at all costs when you used to be a regular user can be an indication that you are suffering from major depression.

Another form of major depression is bipolar depression (also known as manic depressive illness). Bipolar depression is evident in people that are extremely happy one moment and horribly depressed the next. Scientists believe that this type of depression is caused by an imbalance in the brain. Because of this it can be treated with medication.

Another common form of depression that women suffer from is postpartum depression. Postpartum depression is usually apparent after child birth and if its not treated can go on for weeks, months or even years. Healthcare professionals believe that women that suffer from postpartum depression have suffered from depression before.

An extremely common form of depression is seasonal affective disorder. This is linked to the way people react to the amount of sunlight they receive each day and is treated with light therapy which involves special lamps.

People that seem to be suffering from a constant case of mild depression may well be suffering from dysthymia. Those suffering with dysthymia may also suffer bouts of major depression that need to be treated with close medical monitoring and aggressive treatment.

Another common form of depression in women is atypical depression. This form of depression is usually marked by experiencing things like panic attacks, sleep pattern disturbances and overheating. Someone with atypical depression will feel depressed, then feel better and then feel depressed again. This form of depression is very common in females younger years and if untreated can continue on into adulthood.

A very serious form of depression is psychotic depression. Those that suffer from this form of depression will often hear voices in their heads as well as suffer visual delusions. Because of this type of behaviour people suffering from psychotic depression is harmful for health are at risk of harming themselves or others. They need to be given help to get treatment for their illness as they will not be able to think rationally. Psychotic depression strikes around 15% of major depression sufferers.

Knowing which form of depression you or your loved ones may be suffering from is one of the best ways of getting treatment. Once you know the best treatment available you can start to battle whichever form of depression you or your loved ones have.

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depression is harmful for health so keep away from depression in the life and also health in life.

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