Dangers of Fast Weight Loss

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Fast weight loss is t e goal of the dieter. Who doesn’t wish to look good? Some people take drastic measures to achieve fast weight loss. The Cabbage Soup Diet for instance, promises fast weight loss by only eating cabbage soup. You can eat as much soup as you want. Another diet popular among celebrities is the 3 day Detox Diet. The 3 Day Lemon Detox Diet promises fast weight loss of ten pounds in three days by only drinking water and lemon.

Perhaps you desire fast weight loss and have a plan you follow religiously. You may ask hoe much weight you can loose and will the weight loss be good or bad. There area number of factors which influence weight loss like family history and genetics. It also depends on other things like stress and eating habits. You could loose ten pounds per week but it will likely be only fluid loss. Once you go off the diet you are most likely to gain the weight back. Unless you do strength training, you lose muscle. Nature has a way of protecting the body from the effects of excessive weight loss. If the amount of calories drop suddenly, the body will compensate by slowing the metabolic rate ,the rate at which fat is burned.

There’s a good chance fast weight loss will effect your health. Fast weight loss has been linked to gallstones and the skin sags due to free fall. There’s also the possibility of gaining the weight back as mentioned earlier. Because it is difficult to maintain the routine. You may go back to old eating habits because fo deprivation. Fast weight loss also puts you at the risk of an eating disorder. You may be tempted to starve yourself perhaps leading to anorexia . Because the cravings are so great, binging and purging is likely followed by bulimia.

It is important to be under a doctor’s care. Fast weight loss foes more harm than good. You should only lose one or two pounds per week to be healthy. It can be disappointing for those with large amounts of weight to lose . Doctors believe slow loss is better. Fast weight loss should only be done under supervision of a doctor. Slower weight loss can easily be maintained. Remember to continue eating well and drink water.

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