Confusion Dominates, Fat Loss And Fitness Today

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Today, more and more people are confused about how to burn fat. People are mainly confused about how to achieve the body they desire. Many of these folks are confused over what works and what doesn’t and all the reasons why. Our gyms and fitness centers are jammed packed with all kinds of men and women, eager to gain the body they desire.

They go to these facilities day in and day out working as hard as they can on , treadmills, stair-climbers and the like, only to loss the fat they need to achieve their goal. Many may also be working out several times a week, for hours at a time, on weight machines to build and tone their muscles. And let’s not forget all the hours a lot of these image seekers are spending in aerobics or spinning classes also.

You can almost bet, that all of these people are trying one of the latest miracle fat loss and weight loss programs that promise lean, slender bodies in a matter of weeks or days. these weight and diet programs do not come cheaper either. Most all include supplements or miracle pills to help in weight loss. All the while the dieter’s are watching the scales in hopeful anticipation of a beautiful body.

Sadly just a gain of a pound or two could cause these people to re-think their entire diet plan and workout routine or maybe even jump to the next great thing.

Actually, this is some of the stuff that many top fitness and diet professional generally suggest to burn fat. But, with so many of these different theories being marketed today to be The next silver bullet, what happens is we usually go overboard.

Because of all the hoop la and excitement, we lose focus and forget the basic that truly help us to conquer our lifelong dream of fat burning, health and fitness, these are the principles that not too many people even know about, or have forgotten and only a minute few use to achieve lifelong fitness and health. As a matter of fact these are the strategies that Rob Poulos, author of the best selling fat loss course called,Fat Burning Furnace, used to lose over 40 lbs. of ugly fat and has kept it off still today!

With nearly any exercise or fitness plan you will most likely loss some fat at first, but way too often we find that the weight doesn’t come off nearly as fast as we would want and that’s because they’re not looking at it with the proper mindset. Many are focused on the now. I want to lose the weight now or we look at the progress of others and think we should be doing as well as they are. That is called ‘short term thinking’, so when the weight doesn’t come off as fast as we think it should we get discouraged and jump to the next fad diet or exercise plan. And the cycle continues, over and over, until we are consumed with confusion.

Rob, goes on to say, that he believes this is the main reason for the lack of fat loss and fitness progress that is being experienced by so many people and dieters in the world today. They are switching from one diet plan or fitness routine to another, losing sight of the basics and what really works.

Bottom line, people are working out way too much, not nearly as intense as they should and trying to stick to unrealistic dietary plans that just don’t work.

Instead of focusing of the short term goals, our fat loss program has to be a lifestyle change. If we would get away from focusing on the 10 pounds we need to lose by summer and instead doing the right things needed to lose fat our lives would be much easier.

And the right things include short, progressive and intense resistance training, eating nutrient rich foods, drinking plenty of water (at least 64 oz.) and then getting a lot of rest and good quality sleep. The students of, Fat Burning Furnace understand all this and are reaping all the rewards of life long health and fitness. That just leaves one question, Are You?

To Your Success, Mark Couch

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