What to do to fix damaged hair

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If you have damaged hair as a result of using straightening iron, dying, coloring, bleach or excessive sun exposure you need to read this The key to not damage your hair is to keep your hair in its natural state as much as possible Second to stop dry/ damaged hair you want to stop using the straightener because these heating devises damage the hair beyond repair, the best way to fix truly damaged hair is to let it grow out naturally! The damage per say cant actually be fixed but it can be grown out. There are oils that can stick the damaged hair strands together, but nothing will repair damaged hair as hair is dead!

Next you want to be sure to trim of the dead ends of your hair; you might also want to use a strengthening shampoo, o that is designed to prevent hair damage from heat damage.

next step is to use a natural Hot oil treatment such as Mira hair oil , it acts like a hair mask (you can get them here – its a strong herbal oil / conditioner that you leave in for like 10 minutes and it does magic t your damaged hair).

A good way to get your hair straight without damage is to use a blow or hair dryer with the concentrator on the this little trick reduces the hair damage caused by the excessive heat and will keep your hair healthier

Try to get a shampoo that will fix split ends such shampoos usually contain lots of wax that seal the damaged hair together, follow this with regular trims of your hair every 8 weeks is a good number until your hair grows back healthy

If you are worried about hair length use Mira hair oil, it will get your hair to grow faster You might also want to dye or color your hair less; you should always wait at least a month to color your hair again. Use Mira hair oil to get your hair moist , apply a little of the oil when your hair is a bit damp stop using hair spray to prevent more hair damages I can suggest a hair oil which is an all natural traditional formula that is made out of essential oils and extracts of herbs that nourish and quickly penetrate through the scalp, providing rich and deep nourishment to your hair follicles and your hair naturally gets strengthened… the oil will also detoxify your scalp of the toxins that stunt hair growth and cause hair damage. It also has a calming effect on your scalp; it will also reduce itching, stop dandruff and put an end to split ends. All I can say is give it a try it is my personal experience that this oil will give you longer thicker and more manageable hair… It is 100% natural oil with no side effects . Plus the website www.growfabuloushair.com

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