Stress and Tension Release Gifts with an Impact

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This article talks about tension release gifts that can impact stress to reduce its affect on friends, family, co-workers or even ourselves. Stress and tension is a reaction with which we are all familiar. We can describe what the “stressors” are but a definition might not come as quickly. Extreme external and internal factors that tax people physically can result in stress such as:

* Overload of assignments or duties at work, home or school * Deadlines at work, home or school * Relationships at work, home, school * Receiving an Award * Going on a great vacation, even for a weekend * Taking a test * Having guests over * Not getting enough rest * Not eating properly * Catching a flu virus * Going to a dentist * Driving in traffic or traveling long distances

Do we need to list more? Now we can define stress and tension as our response to external and/or internal factors. How we respond to the stressors listed above can determine the level of stress and tension we experience. There may be stressors listed that do not cause a great deal of stress and tension for some, like taking a test. People can feel tension with the ever looming event but others can view the test as just another class activity that causes very little reaction in the course of their day.

Responses to external or internal factors can be good or bad. Even extremely good responses can still cause stress and tension. For example, we look forward to great vacations. However, our excitement about vacations can cause us to lose sleep and create a lot of extra duties to prepare to leave.

External or internal factors can create stress and tension by affecting our physical health and emotional health. Now gift buying to reduce your friend’s and family’s stress makes more sense. Here are some ways to think about choosing stress and tension release gifts. First, identify the source of stress then choose tension release gifts that promote relaxation and calmness.

1. Driving in traffic and long distances can cause a physical reaction so choose stress and tension release ideas that might counteract the negative by making driving more pleasant. * Heated Car Seats ( Heated seat covers provide warmth through the car seat cushion and create a counteraction to the external stressor of coldness.) Heated car seat cushions can make drivers and passengers very comfortable and relaxed. * Car Cushion Massager (Massaging car cushions can provide tension relief while driving) A soothing experience can promote relaxation. * GPS Navigation. A Global Positioning System is a high tech device but it provides a service that will take the guess work out of driving a new route whether for vacation or just to a new doctor’s office. No more fear of missing that turn or getting lost.

2. Great tension release gifts can help people relax and unwind at home. Games and the sound of running water in fountains have been identified as tension release experiences. Have a glass of wine at home in moderation for tension release and better heart health. * Electronic Games. Play these game anywhere. (Except when you are driving) It will give that relaxing break to begin relief from stress and help wind down from the day. * Table fountains or outdoor fountains can create very soothing sounds any time of the day. Try a table top fountain on your desk at work * Exercise is another top tension release activity and it costs nothing to take a vigorous walk around the block. * Meditation is still the best activity for complete relaxation. Get a tape to begin your sessions. It helps to have something to help you keep your mind clear and focus on nothingness.

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