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Those residing or working in California should be aware of the particularities of the health insurance regulations in California. There are mainly two departments with important regulations and information regarding health insurance: The California Department of Insurance and U.S. Department of Labor. The First department manages licenses for health insurance companies in California and the second one has to do with all related to job-based health insurance coverage nationally.

Whether you are currently having problems with your insurance coverage or you are looking for proper health insurance services and you do not know where to turn to, the following information will help you understand who you need to contact in each particular situation and what to expect. The California and federal health insurance regulations offer you all the protections that you need but you must be familiar with them in order to exercise your rights efficiently.

California Department Of Insurance

The California department of insurance regulates all kind of insurance contracts. Of course, the regulations apply only to those insurances purchased in the state of California or those that need to be registered in the state due to other legal reasons. Obviously this includes health insurance too and therefore if you want to know which health insurance companies have a license to do business in the state and what kind of coverage they offer, you can head to the California department of insurance or visit the department’s website.

Also, if you have some kind of problem with a health insurance company you can contact the department and fill the forms needed to file a complaint against the company. For instance, if the insurance company refuses to pay for certain procedure that you believe to be included in the coverage and the company claims to be elective you can contact the department to find out what do regulations say on that particular issue. However, in these situations though not needed to contact the department, proper legal representation is advised.

U.S. Department Of Labor

It is important to note that when it comes to health insurance that is job-based, the U.S. Department of Labor has regulations that apply on this matter. Therefore if you have problems with insurance or with your employer you may want to contact the department through the Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration that is the section of the department that handles these claims.

For instance, it is important to remember that for bigger companies with more than certain amount of employees, the employer is obliged to provide continuation coverage when you leave the job for a certain period of time or till you are hired by another employer. If you believe this or any other rule has been violated by either your employer or the insurance company, it is wise to contact the Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration in order to file a claim.

As an important side note, remember that the state of California offers coverage plans for those with pre-existent conditions that get rejected by health insurance companies due to those conditions. Consult with the California Department of Insurance about this coverage and the requirements for eligibility if you happen to fall under this category.

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