Remedies for Migrains – Finally Some Can Receive Less Migraines using Feverfew

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Migraineurs ( folks who be afflicted by prolonged or episodic migraine headaches ) are on the lookout for headache relief that does not from a drug lab. All too often pharmaceutical migraine solutions have upsetting complications, including, ironically enough, headache.

Some migraine sufferers have found help from feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium), a common flower that grows all over Europe and North America. Feverfew plants resemble daisies. They have flat yellow centers with slender white petals on lightly furred stems and small yellow-green leaves. Medical texts going as far back as traditional Rome list dried and crushed feverfew leaves as a palliative for headaches.

Feverfew is best employed in a preventive program. for some folks. Many study participants who experienced persistent daily headaches (CDH) plus migraine episodes reported that their daily headaches stopped totally after a month of feverfew treatment.

Feverfew, while useful to some, has a major quantity of potential side effects. Any patient desiring to add feverfew to their migraine prevention regimen should check with their doctor and a licensed herbalist.

Feverfew is available in many forms. It can be local and the migraineur can gnaw 2 to 3 leaves from the plant each day. It’s also available in tea, tablet, capsule, and tincture forms. Feverfew in any form can cause mouth ulcers, but they are most usual among those that chew the leaves or drink the tea.

Do not give feverfew to pediatric migraineurs without checking with a doctor.

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