Excessive Alcohol Consumption & Your Health

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Consuming anything excessively is bad for your health… whether it be chocolate, red meat, cocaine, or alcohol. Some things, legally especially, should not be consumed at all… but abuse comes when you do not consume in moderation. A strong, and unfortunately common, example of this is alcohol abuse.

Physical Effects of Excessive Alcohol Consumption

• Clumsiness; loss of balance • Fatigue, exhaustion, weariness • Loss of control over tongue, slurred speech • Loss of memory (short term and long term) • Weakening of eye muscles • Paralysis (may lead to a coma in severe cases of alcohol abuse) • Gastro intestinal problems (i.e. inflammation of the stomach or liver)

There are many other harmful physical effects of abusing alcohol, and it varies. Alcohol overdose is often drinking too much, too quickly… and this can lead to vomiting, black outs (unconsciousness) and even death. Or, alcohol abuse (drinking excessively for a long period of time) can cause physical dependency, total loss of body control, weakened immunity, and increases the risk of cancer and other deadly diseases.

Alcohol should only be drunk in moderation, and by a mentally and physically capable individual.

Pregnant women should never drink alcohol, because this increases the risk of miscarriages, still born babies, and certain birth defects and abnormalities. Although some doctors used to okay a glass of wine… the medical evidence against alcohol consumption during pregnancy has the most convincing argument of all… why take any chances? It’s not just your body you’re messing with when you’re pregnant!

Aside from the many health effects of excessive alcohol consumption, there are also many mental, emotional, and psychological damages as well. If you can not drink responsibly, don’t drink at all. If you are already struggling with alcohol abuse, please contact your local rehab center today… because it’s never too late to seek help but the problem of alcohol abuse can always get worse.

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