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Detox Fasting – Accentuate All Things Positive

You Are Not Serving a Prison Sentence or Joining a Cloister

As you plan for detox fasting, consulting your primary care physician and your naturopath, setting-up an exercise program to complement your fast, and maybe even joining a support group or partnering with a friend to pick-up and perk-up flagging motivation, make sure you understand the meaning of “fast.” Knowing the proper definition of detox fasting makes a considerable difference in how you think about and approach your period of cleansing and restoration. Stay focused on everything positive about your restricted diet and its benefits.

Psychologists point out that, for the average person, “fast” triggers a host of negative associations and some overwhelmingly negative images. Hearing the word, many people immediately conjure images of Jesus alone in the desert for forty days and forty nights, completely deprived of food and water, absolutely bereft of company. You will discover just how easily a detox fast can get blown out of all proportion if you equate fasting with deprivation. Instead of contributing to a dieter’s health and well-being, creating an occasion for joy, a “fast” often associates with abject deprivation and punishment. Focusing on all she has sacrificed, a person completing an extended detox fast may fall into a serious depressive episode. Similarly, a person pushing himself through rigorous cleansing may grow discouraged and depressed if he emphasizes how he looks and how much he weighs instead of steadying his gaze on how he feels and what his body can do.

Do not begin a protracted diet without a well-crafted plan. Collaborate with an expert and listen carefully to your intuition as you develop your plan. Set reasonable short-term benchmarks for your progress: experts say, for example, that you should lose two or three pounds per day on a healthy fast combined with reasonable exercise. If, day-by-day, you consistently approximate that guideline, you are a diet detox master. If you focus exclusively on your long-term objectives, you will miss the day-by-day thrill of your progress, and you put yourself at-risk of giving-up in despair. Planning your fast with self-conscious wisdom about your weak spots and persistent desires, you may develop an incentive system designed to pay bigger rewards the longer you persist in your cleansing fast. In the first week you may say, “When I go five days substituting non-fat yogurt for my favorite chocolate ice cream, I will treat myself to a spa pedicure.” For the fifth week, you confidently may declare, “When I have gone the distance, I will treat myself to sexy new jeans.”

Do not approach your program as though you are punishing yourself for gaining weight and developing bad habits. Focus on renovation, rejuvenation, and restoration. Constantly remind yourself that you have abandoned evil companions for the sake of building and strengthening your body, mind, and spirit.

Despite the widespread popularity of the traditional “Master Detox”, also known as the “lemonade” diet and therefore associated a mix of lemonade, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper, the master cleanse is not the one and only option. Stanley Burroughs has not been canonized, and you have no sacred obligation to develop your own detox fast according to his plan. In fact, you can get many of the same benefits in far more flavorful combinations: Cranberry juice easily substitutes for lemonade, unprocessed sugar almost replaces maple syrup, and cayenne or capsaicin in tablet form takes the hot and spicy out of the mix while still delivering antioxidant, pain-relieving, and digestion-boosting power though the original formula is still the best.

“Fasting” does not equal zero, as in “I am allowed zero simple carbohydrates,” or “the diet allows zero fat.” You did not join a cloister; you started a diet. Common sense dictates that you will gain far more from staying on a modified detox fast than you ever will benefit from starting a strict master cleanse and promptly stopping when it grows difficult or uncomfortable.

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