Major Medical Health Insurance – Your Personal Bailout Plan

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Major medical health insurance protects your finances in case of a major medical expense. This could be an extended hospitalization, an illness that requires regular and expensive medication, or any other number of things that can quickly eat through your lifetime benefits on your regular health insurance plan. As everyone knows, medical expenses skyrocketing, and if you’re hit with a large bill, it can quickly overwhelm your existing insurance benefits and start draining your personal savings. Many people have gone bankrupt from large medical expenses, even if they have insurance.

You may not know it, but your health insurance has limits as to how much it will pay over the course of your life. These limits are pretty high, usually between one and five million dollars. Most people won’t use nearly this much money in benefits in their lives, but all it takes is one major medical catastrophe to run through those limits and leave you financially stranded. For example, a hospital stay of about a month costs around half a million dollars on its own. Think how much money it would cost if you or your loved one had to stay longer!

That’s why major medical health insurance exists. If you have this kind of policy, it acts as a “backup” to your main policy. It’s a safety net, there to bail you out if the unthinkable happens. It picks up where your regular insurance leaves off, and while you may not think such a huge medical disaster could happen to you or your family, you just never know what life will bring. You need to be prepared.

Now is the time to get major medical health insurance. Just like you can’t get a regular insurance policy if you’re already sick, you can’t get major medical if you’re already ill or injured. If you don’t have it when you need it, you’ll wish you did, because those huge medical expenses could very well bankrupt you. Having major medical could also mean the difference between getting the lifesaving treatment you or a loved one needs and not. Most major medical plans have reasonable premiums, since it isn’t your primary policy. Look into getting a plan today, to protect your finances in the future.

Unfortunately for many Americans, health insurance costs at an all time high. To learn more about major medical insurance visit

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