A Healthy Diet With Fruit

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Today, there are many diet program that offer slim and healthy body. But, be careful in choosing the diet program, when you’re choosing the wrong diet program your dream for have a slim and healthy body will lost.

Consuming the Fruits

One of the diet program that safe for your body is diet with consuming vegetables and fresh fruit. This program is better because in vegetables and fresh fruit found many fiber and that is important for diet. Consuming fruit and vegetables can avoid you from heart attack and cancer.

This is list of fruits that can useful for healthy and nutrition:


Apple have a carbohydrate especially in growing time and rich of pectin (a kind of fiber). Apple contains quercetin, ini many research said that is material for anti-cancer. Talk about the nutrient, apple is full of vitamin C but not as many as orange.


Strawberry contain ellagic acid as anti-dioxin. Ini many research ellagic acid proven can block the malignant growing in lungs, esophagus, cervix and tongue. As the traditional medicine, strawberry certain that have anti-bacteria and use to clean the digestion system.


Banana have a vitamin B6 that need for make serotonin in brain. Serotonin have function for decrease the painful and make you more relax and decrease the stress. As the traditional medicine, banana can be use for cure stomach boil. Not like the other fruit, banana contains many carbohydrate, have a few carotene and vitamin C rich of potassium.


Melon contain much sugar and lycopene for anti-cancer. Red Melon and Orange have carotenoid that can protect the cell in our body from free radical and can become vitamine A in our body.


Orange contain of photochemical for anti-dioxin. Orange is source of pectin that can reduce blood pressure and include the low fiber fruit but full of vitamin C and foliate.


Mango contain carotenoid or beta crytoxanthin, an anti-dioxin for protect any kind of cancer. Mango rich of carotenoid, fiber, and vitamin C.

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