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Today in America, many more of its population is in need of affordable health care. Although there has been a rise over the last few years in providing this service to employees, a number of companies are using this as an excuse for a cost cutting exercise. In this instance I speak with experience because my health care service has reduced this year for the first time ever. They informed everyone that owing to the increasing cost of providing health care, they were going to use a new, less expensive provider.

The company was seeking a more cost effective plan that would benefit all of its employees. I do not doubt that many people will say that I am still doing alright and should not complain. The problem is that in an effort to find a less expensive insurance, having my husband and daughter on the policy is now costing twice the amount it did before. Without a pay increase, my paychecks are now much smaller just so that my family can have cover.

I liked the previous company and so far I am not as impressed with the new one although the health care plan does not seem that bad. The new affordable health care plan initiated by my company meant that certain workers found themselves a lot worse off financially with additional co-pays and expenses. It makes more sense when you realize just how good the old policy was because I did not pay cent when I stayed in hospital 2 years ago giving birth to my daughter. Working out that same stay with the new plan would mean approximately 4,000 dollars would have to be paid by me.

But, this does not include the additional amounts taken out of my paycheck, only the hospital costs. We are now seeing an increasing number of companies creating affordable health care plans. Those less fortunate can now get free health care more readily and workers without health care are able to join special schemes. Although these programs are a good idea for those less fortunate there are always people who want to abuse the system.

For many people desperately trying to improve their situation these affordable health care plans are a life-line but to others they are just an easy option. Taxpayers, such as me, are contributing to the vast number of programs currently available. Ok, so some of the employees where I work have benefited but the real winner was my company. Having a reduced income seems to be the result of these work changes with only the company truly benefiting. If we are to help the worst affected, we need to start looking at long term options for Americans in providing cost effective, affordable health care.

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