The Importance of a Balanced pH

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Balancing the body’s pH is most important in overall body health. The body’s cells are healthy and will multiply correctly in a healthy pH environment. First signs of an unbalanced pH is someone who is tired when they go to bed and still tired when they wake in the morning. Unexplained weight gain, leg cramps, muscle aches, backaches, headaches, heartburn, belching, gas, allergies, loose teeth, canker sores, dry brittle hair and weak fingernails are also a few of the symptoms of unbalanced pH. Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia are also related to an unbalanced pH.

Even though you may be taking a quality mineral supplement it cannot be used by the body if the pH is out of balance. All minerals have a specific pH range of acceptance for the body to be able to accept them so they can be utilized. Minerals are used up in the process of normalizing the high acidity levels of the diet. Depletion of magnesium results in muscle cramps and twitches, fatigue, and if the depletion is severe it can even cause cardiac arrhythmia and even death. Depletion of zinc causes a lessening of the function of the enzymes in the liver, as the liver relies very heavily upon zinc as a cofactor in metabolizing toxins. Depletion of chromium in the tissues causes the development of hypoglycemia or diabetes, as chromium is necessary to keep the blood sugar balanced.

A simple test for testing the pH is using pH strips that change color when dipped in a saliva or urine sample. It will change color immediately. If your are acid the strip will be yellow and if your in good balance it will be blue green to blue.

A normal saliva pH is around 6.8 – 7.0. This reflects the pH of the lymphatic system, or the immune system and the tissues of the body. The urinary pH is more variable over a greater range and varies throughout the course of the day, 6.4 in the mornings to 7.0 at noon to 7.5 at 6pm. If a person’s urine pH stays consistently below 6.4 or above 7.5 then it is a given that they will develop a disease. The urine’s pH tells what the bodies buffering capabilities are in the body. It tells what the kidney’s ability is to the acidity or alkalinity developing in the body.

The Standard American diet is very acidic, as well as stress in our life causes and acid condition in the body. Prescription and over the counter drugs cause an acidic condition. Making a large part of your diet raw fruits and vegetables will help to achieve a balanced pH, but one also needs to reduce the stress levels in their lives to achieve a balanced pH.

Alkaline forming minerals are: calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. The major acid forming minerals are: phosphorus, sulfur and chlorine. Most fruits and vegetables tend to contain calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium so they tend to be alkalizing to the body. Most animal protein foods are very high in phosphorus and sulfur so they are acid to the body. Most nuts grains and seeds are also acidifying to the body, as they are high in phosphorus. Soda pop is very acid forming and is loaded with phosphates, sugar and carbon dioxide, which drive acid reactions in the body. It depletes our muscles and bones of the calcium and magnesium to neutralize this acid in the body. Coffee and sugar are also very acidic to the body. To improve your pH, you should eliminate pop, coffee and tea from your diet. Herbal teas are okay to use and green tea once a day would not be harmful.

Severe acidosis usually requires supplements to get the person’s pH levels balanced. Enzyme supplementation is very helpful in balancing pH as they help to get rid of the bacterial and fungal overgrowth in the gut. Enzymes that are absorbed through the gut wall into the bloodstream help break down some of the toxic proteins in the blood that are trapped in the tissues. Enzymes are important in breaking down our food and digesting proteins. We are enzyme deficient in our culture because we eat a lot of cooked foods. Supplementing with enzymes helps with ones pH because when you don’t digest protein properly it drives an acidic reaction from the waste products that are created. If you digest your protein properly you will have less acid forming in you body.

In Dr. Baroody’s book called Alkalize or Die, he talks about the importance of keeping the pH levels balanced in the body or one develops diseases in the weakest areas of their body first. These tissues break down and this paves the way for all kinds of infections, and infections live off of acidic waste products. Dr Baroody believes that one of the best ways to balance your pH is by choosing more raw fruits and vegetables in your diet. Cooking these foods reduces the alkalinity towards the acid side. He says that supplementation is also important in this day and age because of the depleted soils. Dr. Baroody says because of the stressful environment in which we live today we need the very best nutrition to combat these stresses on our body. He says we need high quality alkaline forming supplements, as we do not get enough minerals from our food. There is only about 10% of the mineral content in our foods as there was 50 to 100 years ago. Because our soils are depleted of minerals, one needs to supplement to keep the buffering ability of the body intact. Whole food supplements are the best for us as they are natural and easily assimilated by the body. An alkaline green juice supplement is very beneficial in this case, and one of the best is AIM Barley Life. (

Equally important in alkalizing the body is drinking alkaline ionized water. You can find more information on this water at:

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