Reiki Healing Accelerates Recovery, Boosts Inner Balance

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One of the more popular forms of alternative medicine is Reiki healing. It’s commonly thought to come from Japan, but it has it’s roots in ancient India.

Reiki healing can be used to heal both the body and the spirit. It compliments other healing methods beautifully. Reiki is excellent to use to speed recovery, as it cannot do harm.

Reiki healing is a spiritual practice. That’s a bit vague so let me explain. It is healing done by one spirit for another (or for itself). As with any other form of energy healing, it seeks to balance the energy system first, and thus helps take care of the body.

What this means that if you need help mending a wounded heart, energy healing is a good way to go, and Reiki in particular will be of great help.

The act of living means that we’re exposed to many different things, and this means that we will inevitably pick up some emotional wounds. Left untended, it can have a serious impact on your emotional balance and physical health. Reiki can gently re-balance your emotional state and ease the hurts of the past.

As for healing the body, the effects are subtle and can be profound. The very least that Reiki will do is to relax the body. This alone can do so much. In modern society, we are constantly winding ourselves up: Time pressures are never-ending, we’re constantly loading stimulants into our bodies, and the fight-or-flight reaction is almost always on. Releasing that and letting the body reset is very restorative.

Moving beyond the benefits of a relaxed body, I’ve seen motion sickness halted. I’ve seen burns disappear. I’ve seen surgery healed in a fraction of the normal time. Reiki is used to manage chronic pain and to assist in all of life’s transitions. The healing effect have been compared to water – strong, yet gentle.

The combination of Reiki healing with other forms of energy healing is generally considered the best way to go. Myself and the other practitioners I know go to the doctor when we’ve got a health problem, but we use Reiki to support modern medicine instead of replace it. Many of us will also blend Reiki with other forms of energy healing, but that’s another topic entirely.

If you’re concerned at all about the possibility of being harmed with Reiki, then relax. Won’t happen. Reiki will not allow itself to harm anyone. I might have deserved it during a “sorcerer’s apprentice” moment of mine (I go into it on my site), but even then I was gently taught a lesson in respect, but still unharmed. Reiki can’t harm, period.

There’s a wide area to explore in studying Reiki. Healing across time and space. Symbols of healing passed from teacher to student unbroken going back more than a century, there’s a lot do discover.

If you’re looking to get into energy healing with a method simple yet powerful, I’d strongly recommend discovering more about Reiki.

About the Author

Author John Allison (Reiki Master) teaches energy healing. For info on Reiki healing or the Reiki healing symbols visit his site and sign up for the monthly newsletter.

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