How Hypnotherapy helps people to stop smoking

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As any smoker knows and anybody else can see, smoking is an extraordinarily difficult thing to give up.

More addictive than heroin we hear, or I’ve tried but….from a friend who gave up before, as they pick up a new cigarette.

It is not only the physical addiction, but also the social aspect of the habit that is difficult for the smoker to break. The routine becomes part of the fabric of their day, be it stepping outside for a first cigarette, sitting in a pub with a pint and beer and smoke with a friend, or just the daily chat with the friendly tobacconist: once these moments are woven into the fabric of our lives the habit becomes more and more difficult to break. The medical profession advise a wide range of treatments that should help you to quit smoking, mainly related to drugs and other prescription items.

While the profit model for the suppliers of this range of patches, gums, and replacement therapies is easy to see, the effectiveness for the average smoker-to-quit is less clear.

In many cases the addiction to nicotine by cigarette is only replaced to addiction to nicotine by patch, and the underlying reasons for the smoker’s wanting to pick up their next cigarette remain un-altered.

And as a smoker finds them falling straight back onto habits that they know they would prefer to have let behind them but seem unable to, their belief in their own self determination and personal choice can start to wain.

And what is going on behind all of this? While the smoker ‘decides’ to quit the habit using their conscious mind, it is the unconscious mind that each time overrides this choice, and sees you reaching for yet another cigarette.

So how can you go about translating the choices made by your conscious mind to the sub-conscious one and making those choices stick? Well one route to altering those decisions that we keep on making is by talking directly to the subconscious a skill known as hypnotherapy.

The smoker listens to the voice of the hypnotherapist, and becomes relaxed. They sometimes fall asleep or become drowsy, but equally often feel themselves to be fully awake throughout. The hypnotherapist makes what is known as ‘suggestions’ to the smoker, and it is these that sinking more deeply into the smokers mind start to effect the real decision that the smoker makes at let’s call it ‘next cigarette time’.

Oddly enough the soon-to-be ex smoker finds themself in a strange situation: -Their desire for that next cigarette is not what it used to be. -The reasons for quitting that they have understood for so long, yet been unable to act on seem more important, and less easy to suspend from the mind for those critical moments prior to taking action. -The strength of resolve that had previously crumbled so easily seems for no apparent reason to return. How easy is it in this situation to feel braver than before? How easy to actually take the action that you had always hoped you would, and say No thanks I’m a non-smoker.

Surprised? You probably will be, but that’s hypnotherapy to stop smoking!

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