Drug Addicts – The Most Important Thing to Do If You Want to Be Cured

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I am not one for “recovery.” I was in “recovery” for entirely too long, most of that time was wasted or worse, very painful. Recovery is nothing more than a cycle or struggle.

I agree with Yoda about this sort of thing, “Try not. Do or do not.”

The fact is, alcoholism and addiction can be cured. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

To cure a drug addiction there is one thing you must do that is more important than anything else, including putting down your drug of choice! I know, it sounds counter-intuitive. Many things that work are.

We’ve seen it time and again, the dry drunk. The dry drunk is so miserable being sober that they might as well be drinking!

The most important thing that an addict or alcoholic can do is to change the way they think. Even before putting down their substance of choice they should begin to monitor their thoughts.

Most times when an addict begins “watching the thinker” they are at least a little embarrassed. They observe the same thoughts and attitudes over and over, repetitive negativity. They see anger and resentment, desperation and chronic victim-hood.  They see why they are no fun to be around anymore.  They see the reason that they are unhappy.

Just becoming aware of this pattern is enough to make some changes. Just think, if your thoughts are repetitive and negative, your actions are too.

Too many people, addicts and “normies” alike, believe that their thoughts are beyond their control. Thoughts, like other behaviors, can be controlled. But they can also develop habit patterns that are destructive and difficult to break.

The first step is to break these habits.

Negative people say that positive thinking is “fluff,” “it won’t work.”  It doesn’t work for them because they never actually get around to doing it.  Don’t take money advice from poor people.

Positive thinking can be tough at first. Moving past behavior patterns that have been ingrained in you and maybe even your entire social sphere can be really tough. But it is certainly less painful than addiction, or even complacency.

Maybe you can start by seeing your current struggles with addiction as a powerful catalyst for change, an opportunity that the moderately happy person my never have.

There is a cure for chemical dependence, don’t accept anything less! Learn to reprogram your mind, make it become your ally. For more information visit http://www.successforaddicts.com

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