4 Fantastic Fat Burning Foods- Nobody Knows About !

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The concept of eating to burn fat can actually be a powerful rapid weight loss technique. The key is to find the right foods and to be careful not to overeating if you want to lose weight quickly.

The first fat burning food is the oft-maligned nut. Almonds, walnuts, pecans and peanuts are often referred to in a negative light among so-called weight loss gurus because of their high fat content. However, these monounsaturated fats are fantastic for providing energy and promoting active brain function without any negative impact on the heart.

Second on the list, the most effective fat burning food is oatmeal. Oats are a fantastic source of water soluble fiber. That means your body will digest it slowly throughout the morning, keeping you feeling full and providing you with a consistent release of energy, rather than a short burst. If you consider oatmeal to be a little bland for your palate consider adding some fresh fruit, honey, yogurt or nuts. This will add more flavor for your breakfast.

The next fat burning food choice is apple. An apple, much like oatmeal, prolongs the digestive process and keeps you from experiencing hunger pangs long after eating it. These sorts of crave-killing foods are an effective weapon against overeating and weight gain. Best of all apples are cheap, require no preparation, and can be found at your grocery store year round.

The last fat burning food is green tea. Green tea packs with powerful antioxidants, green tea is also an effective metabolism booster. A cup of green tea in the morning with your oatmeal with jumpstart your metabolism and help you burn calories fast throughout the day.

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