The Dangers of Low Calorie Diets

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Calories are not what you should avoid; calories are required to supply your body with the necessary nutrition and energy it needs to perform work. When your body gets enough food, it will actually increase your metabolic rate, which will automatically result in weight loss!

One of the most powerful techniques we use to significantly boost our clients’ metabolisms is to have them consume five to six small, portion controlled meals every day. Many people have been conditioned to believe that they must reduce their caloric intake in order to successfully decrease their body weight. This can actually be a dangerous practice.

Even though a significant drop in calories may quickly produce an initial drop in your body weight, this method rarely produces long-lasting results. When calories are reduced too greatly, your body perceives itself to be in a state of deprivation or starvation and responds by slowing your metabolism down.

When calorie intake is too low, this natural safety mechanism actually tells the body to store calories in order to provide a “back-up” source of fuel.

You see, the largest factor that controls your metabolism is the amount of living tissue or muscle tissue in your body. Muscle tissue is very active at the cellular level. Every pound of living muscular tissue burns roughly 35 calories per day at rest. The more muscle you have, the GREATER number of calories your body will burn every day. The less muscle you have, the FEWER calories your body will burn off in a day.

However, when there are not enough calories coming in to support this muscle mass, the body will respond by slowing the metabolism down in order to preserve fuel (burn less calories.)

Of course, the slower your metabolism, the harder it is to lose weight.

Have you ever noticed that people who follow low calorie diets lose weight initially and then gain that weight back? Often times there are even a few new extra pounds that weren’t there when the diet began!

Once again, this is because the initial drop in calories caused a loss of body weight, but a significant amount of that weight loss probably came from a drop in muscle mass. Since there were not enough calories being provided to support living tissue, the body responded by decreasing the amount of active tissue in the body.

This down-turn in the metabolism is what causes the body to re-gain the weight.

It is important to understand the need to provide the body with enough calories to support living tissue and control the metabolism.

As a general guideline, you should always consume AT LEAST 11 to 12 times your bodyweight in total calories on a daily basis.

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