Increase Your Energy and Improve Your Mood by Eating Healthy

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Nutrition is usually a major factor regarding how you feel, physically and emotionally. The symptoms of poor nutrition will vary from how you deal with stress, to physical and mental fatigue, and everything in between. It is very likely that many of your troubles in life could be attributed to improper diet. I want to share with you a few tips concerning these symptoms. I am not a doctor or a dietitian, but I do have some personal experience in this subject. I know what has worked for me and I hope that it can work for you as well.

Fatigue… This is the most common problem that plagues almost every one of us. We even try to combat this by drinking tons of piping hot coffee every morning, and sometimes while we work during the day. While caffeine in itself isn’t exactly poison, as many health gurus would want you to believe, it can be a real problem when your intake exceeds a reasonable amount. Caffeine is, of course, a stimulant. When your body is hyped up for so long it tends to crash later on, leaving you tired and worn out and needing more coffee just to finish the work day. The really irritating thing about this is while you are feeling exhausted at the end of the day, you just can’t seem to close your eyes and get any real sleep when you finally hit the sack to get the rest you so desperately need.

Depression… If you aren’t getting the best sleep, or diet, you could also be having some mild depression. This is not always a mental health issue. It may be your body sending you a message and you just aren’t hearing it. The best advice you will ever hear is “listen to your body”. It has lots of ways of telling you things and all you need is to listen.

The Answer… Firstly, you should give up the caffeine. Try some decaf for a week, or even half-caf. And stay away from things like white sugar, corn syrup, and white flour. Also, add more green veggies into your diet and keep your meat intake down to a minimum. I firmly believe our bodies require meat, but it should only equal about 5-10% of your meal. Whole grains are also a good idea. Oatmeal, no butter or sugar, with a little molasses and some raisins and cinnamon is an ideal breakfast. Oats have a great deal of both soluble and insoluble fiber. Not only can they help you lose weight, lower cholesterol, and clean out your arteries, they can also clean out other parts of you, if you know what I mean. A multi vitamin on a daily basis is also highly recommended, just to make sure you have all your bases covered. Just be sure to get the kind without iron. Iron is easy enough to get from your food and normally doesn’t absorb well when it’s included in a multi. This is because Zinc and Iron tend to block each other. If your doctor tells you to take Iron supplements then take it separately so you get the maximum benefit. Also, be sure you take your Iron-less multi vitamin at least an hour before or after a high fiber meal, as fiber will block your absorption of certain supplements.

I am in no way perfect, nor do I eat a perfectly healthy diet, but I try in every way I can to make my daily diet as healthy as possible. As well as improving physical and mental energy from better diet, you should also expect an improved complexion. Eating the right foods isn’t always fun, but you will benefit greatly, compared to the alternative. I know this for a fact. My life has improved many times over since I began including better choices in my meal plan. I want the same for you.

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