American’s Weight Issues

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Americans are notorious for eating poorly and being overweight. That’s right; over 60 percent of our nation grapples with weight issues. That is way too much! Come on, other countries are laughing at us folks. What we need to do is learn how to eat more healthy. This means paying close attention to the nutritional information listed on the back of product packaging.

After all, you’re surely concerned with what you’re putting into your body, right? Large amounts of fat, cholesterol, sugar and sodium can do major damage. It’s imperative to watch what you’re consuming on a regular basis, and avoid eating more than you actually need.

So far in my life I’ve been very fortunate. I’m now 31 years of age and I have no idea what it’s like to be even slightly overweight. Yes, I do realize that some folks will slit their eyes and snarl their nose upon reading this. Why do some people grapple with weight issues and others don’t? Well, this has to do with our personal body style, genetics, and metabolism.

However, as time moves forward, that ideal metabolism can begin to fizzle out. This is probably about the time many individuals begin counting calories and paying close attention to nutritional information. Not me! I started and I wasn’t even dealing with weight trouble. It just hit me one day! Just because you’re at an ideal weight or even thin, doesn’t mean you’re in good shape/healthy. Our bodies need certain vitamins and nutrients to function properly. Are you putting the right foods in yours?

Check the label before purchasing. See what the factual nutritional information reveals. Maybe those so-called “healthy crackers” aren’t so healthy after all. Maybe they’re infused with high levels of sodium and sugar. Low fat doesn’t always mean nutritious. Check the calories as well. Some foods that are low in fat have oodles of calories. And better yet, how many of those calories are fat calories? The nutritional chart on the packaging will reveal all. But what about the foods that don’t come with nutritional charts on them? This is an easy one. You can look up any food item online and see what they contain nutrition-wise.

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