Lose Weight the Right Way and Retain Your Health!

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FAT BURNING PILLS: How much money have you flushed down the toilet on these “miracles in a bottle. Fat stores, called triglycerides, are converted to circulating fatty acids, and are further broken down in a process known as fatty-acid oxidation. Fat burners are often publicized by celebrities who claim to use them in order to maintain their slim weight but in most cases, they fail to remind customers that they often used personal trainers and nutritionists in order to really achieve and maintain fat burning results. Weight loss happens by burning more calories than you take in and not by drinking some magic potion like apple cider vinegar to burn fat. Drink Herbal Tea When urges for sweets and snacks arrive, try drinking herbal teas such as apple-cinnamon, almond, or orange. Weight loss programs are only effective if they reduce the calories you consume or increase the energy you burn.

Diets that cause weight loss by reducing your water content is certainly not going to be sustainable and may make you ill. Dieting will reduce your fat, muscles and water content, whereas running will reduce your fat but increase the quantity of lean muscle. Dieting is often difficult to sustain, because it requires you constantly to deny yourself what you want.

Exercising and using your muscles is the optimal way to burn fat but the muscles must be exercised frequently or else they become weak and build up fat yet again. Exercise has always been part of the answer, but what type of exercise. Exercise in particular keeps your body working efficiently, raises your motivation to lose weight and helps you to maintain a healthier ‘weight loss lifestyle’. Exercises that generate fatigue in the abdominal and oblique muscles in 20 repetitions or less will produce the best results. Exercise can become a pleasant and enjoyable experience, but the more difficult or challenging it is for you, the more important it is to get it out of the way early. Exercise instructors took the news and ran, leading the charge for low-intensity “fat-burning” classes.

Healthy weight loss is what we need to be talking about, not just losing weight or searching for that magic pill-it doesn’t exist. Healthy people, in my opinion, should be able to protect themselves by simply maintaining a proper nutritious diet. Avoid all the Stress which has become a number-one problem here in America, and many people consider themselves under excessive stress. Stress is a huge part of this whole weight loss problem because of the hormones it produces. Stress and hormonal imbalances could be taking you out of your fat burning zone. Stress depletes the body of specific nutrients, so we need to add vitamin C, B, and zinc to our diet. Eating two teaspoonfuls of honey before bedtime and doing resistance exercise three times a week helps to stimulate this process. Eating honey before bed activates the body’s natural recovery biology, which is fueled by burning fat. Eating too much refined, processed sugars and flours found in fast foods and packaged foods as well as soft drinks are the fastest way to throw you out of your fat burning zone. Eating processed, refined, junk foods will throw our blood sugar out of balance and triggers that additional demand for more of our stress hormones. Eating at night supports all critical hormonal actions that are necessary for building tissue, healing and maintenance.

DON’T SLOUCH: Slumping over the handlebars on a stationary bike inhibits the amount of oxygen your body can take in and slows your fat-burning process, says Fitzgerald. Don’t forget to get your child off of dairy and grains for a couple of weeks to further improve the results. Don’t forget the actual cause of the imbalance is a result of stress and diet, which has lead to adrenal fatigue and exhaustion. Don’t expect to see big or even moderate results if you only want to swallow a handful of supplements without making some changes in your life. Supplements can greatly improve the amount of time it will take you to achieve that ripped physique, but without having the above two weapons in your holster, you’re just throwing bullets (and wasting your money). Diets that cause weight loss by reducing your water content is certainly not going to be sustainable and may make you ill. Losing weight is an important part of becoming healthy, however new research is showing that medications don’t make us healthier.

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