Six Simple Steps to Better Health Without Spending More Money

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Like probably many other people, in the past I’ve tried many dietary or nutritional crazes. I’ve taken all kinds of supplements, tried many healing methods – mainstream and alternative.  And most of all I’ve spent tones of money in the process.  Fortunately better health does not have to mean you have do the same.  What if I told you that by following six very simple suggestions many of you could improve your health?  Well without furher delay, let’s get started.

Drinking an adequate amount of water

Probably the most overlooked thing by many people is drinking adequate amounts of water.  And even those who do make a commitment to drinking more water still are not probably drink enough.

I wonder how many doctors ask their patients how much water they’re drinking when they present with a problem in their office, unless it’s probably an obvious hydration issue.  Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, M.D., a medical doctor, who really has done an abundance of research on drinking adequate amounts of water, suggests that a good rule of thumb is that for every pound of body weight, we should consume an ounce of water.  That is, if you weight 200 pounds then you should consume 100 ounces of water.  When you realize this, you realize many people are not consuming enough water.  Also one should consume this amount gradually throughout the day.

When I started increasing my intake of water, I started feeling more energy and eating less.  Many people who are in a much worse position may soon realize even more benefits if they start increasing their water intake to a healthy amount as suggested by Dr. Batmanghelidj.

Buy quality supplements

If you’re not taking a quality multivitamin and mineral supplement then it’s time to do so.  While many people are taking supplements they often make some common mistakes, for instance getting cheaper vitamins and minerals.  This might seem an attractive option as it means spending less but it ends up costing more in the end.  Generally the cheaper the supplement, the more additives exist that actually affect how much one can absorb from a supplement.  Two examples are binders and fillers.  These substances do a number of things: they stop substances from caking together, they are used as fillers, and they help bind substances together. They may serve a purpose but their overuse does not.  Also, you may notice that some brands contain vast quantities of a particular vitamin or mineral, for instance vitamin c.  A higher quality brand might contain 250 mg of vitamin c, while a cheaper one contains 500 mg.  However, given that the cheaper (and lower quality) brands have a much lower absorption; the extra amount is going to do you much good anyway.  You are better off to go for the higher quality brands that have a better absorption.  Over time by looking at brands and reading labels, you will get a sense of the higher quality brands.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

A really beneficial supplement can be found in the form of pharmaceutical grade fish oil.   While other sources of omega-3 fatty acids exist, the most highly recommend is omega 3 fish oil.  Another type of omega 3 fatty acids is flax oil but because fish oil already exists in a form that the body can use and flax oil doesn’t, it means that flax oil first needs to be broken down by the body can use it.  This is not the case with fish oil.  Also, not everyone can break these forms down. Another thing to note: you should use pharmaceutical grade fish oil because “pharmaceutical grade” means the fish oil has gone through a purification process to remove the many impurities that are found in the ocean.  You have probably heard all the talk about mercury in fish. Well if you are getting high doses of fish oil, the last thing you want is to be getting high doses of mercury!  So go for pharmaceutical grade.


This one is obvious.  When we exercise we help raise our metabolism to a healthy rate, as opposed to being more sedentary.  Also there are emotional benefits.  Studies have shown that even walking can help stimulate the brain to produce neurochemicals that can improve mood and lessen pain.  It is also important to do some more strenuous exercises like weights, etc., which can help stimulate the natural production of growth hormones that can help retard the effects of aging.

Some form of Stress reduction

More and more research is linking stress to many disorders, not just emotional ones but physical as well.  Whether you like to meditate or simply perform any other stress reduction, it is very important that you do something in this regard.  Some ideas include visulualization exercises, hypnosis, as mentioned meditation, or really anything that helps you relax.

Proper Rest

Obviously it’s important to get enough sleep so that your body can rejuvenate itself.  How often this simple fact is overlooked is fascinating. Most people generally need 6.5 – 8 hours per day.

Some of these suggestions might sound boring, but I believe they’re necessary to living a healthy life.  Moreover trying them doesn’t mean shoveling out tonnes of money.  Try implementing some of these suggestions for several weeks and see how you feel.  The key is to implement these things into a daily regimen and your body will thank you for it.

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