Anti-Aging is Not in My Vocabulary – Maturing-With-Wisdom is the Way To Go

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I have to be honest with you and tell you I am not into the whole ‘anti-aging’ thing. You may say: What? You sell skin care and you are not into ‘anti-aging’? Yes, that is right. You read it correctly. That does not mean I am not into maturing-with-wisdom skin looking its best at every age!

Maturing-with-wisdom skin is my unique way of saying we need to embrace our bodies as we age and not defy our age. We need to embrace and accept the changes our bodies go through. It does not mean we give up – it means we become aware that change happens. With this new awareness, we can then take care of our bodies with gratitude and mindfulness, knowing that our true beauty comes from within. We nurture ourselves in a healthy way and not in an attached way such as longing for the way we once looked. But now we embrace every stage and every moment of life and find joy in the fact that we are maturing; developing into rich, ripe and wisdom filled beings!

Be happy with your maturing-with-wisdom skin.

So this brings me to the topic of wrinkles – yes the dreaded wrinkles. I have to tell you, you are going to get some. Some people will have more than others. There is no stopping it so why suffer over it? We can only do our best by taking care of both the inner and outer body – but it is not worth our time or the stress that comes with the stories that say we become invaluable because our skin sags…and if you really look at some ads and marketing messages, this is what they are saying. We cannot take it too seriously. Aging is a natural process.

When I look in the mirror and see some wrinkles forming or face lines becoming more prominent, I do not see imperfections. I think of how much wisdom I am gaining and it proves to me that I am alive and living my life and I do not suffer over it. I say embrace them and empower your life!

I do believe taking care of yourself should be your number one priority and then you will have so much more energy for other things, be it taking care of your family or serving others in some way.

So empower yourself, change your thoughts, and FEEL your life, wrinkles or no wrinkles!

Here is to your maturing-with-wisdom skin!

Gina Rafkind is founder of VedaSun – using your senses as a pathway to presence. If you are ready to reawaken to your true inner being and know profound freedom and deep peace, then visit to sign up and get your free report, Break~Out, Be~Free. You will be inspired to start your journey of unleashing your vibrant inner self by implementing Gina’s 4 empowering techniques. Plus, feel free to browse VedaSun’s naturally-sourced Aromatherapy skincare for maturing-with-wisdom skin.

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