Ayurvedic Treatment For Hair Loss

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Though the world has come up with a number of modern Allopathic medicines for the treatment of hair loss there is nothing quite as close as the Ayurvedic and Naturopathic ways to cure the hairless contraption that the head is reduced to in case of a person who has suffered the inadequacies of a full time hair loss trauma. Ayurveda points out the direct reasons for hair loss are too much exposure to sunlight, living in an atmosphere of high pollution levels, excessive perspiration, anxiety, mental trauma, and high quotient of alcoholic consumption and smoking. You have yourself to look at before acknowledging that you fall true to at least half of the reasons aligned above. The genetic side of the story is definitely an important factor but the stressed life style in modern surroundings also determines the kind of health that a person keeps and the kind of life he or she lives.

The methods that Ayurveda suggests for the redressal of hair loss are quite simple and can be easily followed even in the course of the busy life style that most people live nowadays. A liberal intake of vitamin rich diet and nutrient rich food is the key to achieving a certain level of victory over the problems of hair loss. A grossly huge percentage of proteins, iron, zinc, and fatty acids in the regular diet can be the much wanted nourishment that hair roots and follicles are wanting for some time. Even consuming a rich diet of fruit and vegetable salads helps build up the resistive power that the body has been wanting in order ton ward off the hassles of a malnutrition state that the body has been experiencing.

To add to the above supplement is the typical need for drinking a lot of water that will keep the system clean and add the neatness and cleanliness of purpose that your body wants. Moreover Ayurveda recommends massaging of the scalp with oil as an effective method for the strengthening of the hair follicles and help it grow at a steady pace. Coconut oil before bath, Brahmi oil massage of the scalp before bedtime and the consumption of Nattu Guligays from the southern states of India help greatly in the process of treating the hair loss trauma. Never delay your efforts at treating the problem and follow one particular medication to get the best results. Have a nice time of it and do not get all worked up if you find a receding hairline one fine morning!!

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