Types of Addiction Treatment

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When it comes to addiction treatment, there are numerous options available. One of the main approaches to treating drug addiction includes using different methods of behavior therapy. Some drug addiction specialists promote the use of various types of medications. In many cases, having a unique blend of behavior therapy and medication therapy can be quite effective.

Most professionals implement a drug addiction treatment based on the standard principles of treatment. These principles help to outline important considerations when it comes to deciding on the best method of treatment. Here, we will introduce you to the basic principles of addiction treatment for drug addictions.

1. The first principle of treatment for various types of drug addictions is based on the fact that there is no universal treatment for drug use. Drug addiction treatment should be tailored to suit the individual needs of the patient and not be too generalized.

2. The second principle of treatment in drug addictions is that these methods should be available at all times. When a person decides to cease the use of drugs and seek treatment, it is important that resources are available, or that moment may be lost and the individual may continue using.

3. There are many things that should be taken into consideration when deciding on a drug treatment plan. These things include the actual drug abuse, medical history, psychological state, and even any social issues that the person may be experiencing.

4. Once the individual has been treated for drug addiction initially, it is important to continue with a follow up program, aftercare and continuing care. This will provide continuity of service. Recovery is an event not a destination

5. When a person is receiving one form of treatment, they should receive other, ancillary or supportive forms as well. This will help to encourage and motivate them throughout their progression of fighting the disease.

6. When an individual has an underlying mental illness, and they are being treating for any type of drug addiction, it is important that both are approached at the same time. Many times, these things are closely related.

7. It has been found that going through the process of detoxification is extremely successful in many situations, but treatment should not stop at this.

8. If a person is being treated for drug addictions against their wishes, it can still be effective. One can never tell when that moment of enlightenment may occur.

9. It is important to understand that many individuals will experience relapses which include using drugs again during treatment. It is important to monitor all individuals to ensure that this is not an issue.

10. If a person has a disease that is considered deadly or contagious while under going treatments for drug addictions, it is important to make certain that the proper accommodations are made.

11. It is important to understand that the treatment of a drug addiction can take a while before it is truly effective.

When looking at various approaches to treatments for people who are suffering from drug addiction, it is important to remember that there is not one particular method that can be used with every person. Just as each person is unique; each addiction treatment should be different based on the number one principle of treatment.

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