Fast Weight Loss Tips – Healthy Snacks Lead the Way

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The secrets of losing weight are more and more apparent every day. Shows like NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” are all the more confirmation that with hard work and a healthy diet, anyone can lose massive amounts of weight.

The secret part of weight loss is applying it to your life. How can you change your diet or routine to promote weight loss? This is the real question.

One common pitfall most people fall into is their between meal eating or “snacking”. Having healthy snacks on hand is a vital key to unlocking your weight loss goals.

Healthy Snack Ideas that taste great are hard to find so I am here to help. Some of my favorite healthy snacks are soy crisps, soy nuts and protein bars.

Soy crisps eat like chips, and are wonderful. I eat the ranch flavor as a common snack for work but they are also made in many other flavors. One bag, will usually last me about 3 days, so an order of 12 lasts a long time.

Soy nuts are great also. I actually like them better than peanuts and about equal with pistachios although they are much more healthy than either traditionally popular nut.

Last but not least, protein bars are great healthy snacks. You may not commonly associate protein bars with weight loss, but if you will take a good tasting small protein bar, and eat it along side some water and soy chips, you will lose weight. You will find yourself reaching for fast food much less, if ever, and snacks high in protein will give you the satisfied feeling of a meal. (Which is very different than the feeling of “I shouldn’t have ate that whole bag of chips.”)

The trick with protein bars is finding bars that taste good. My personal favorites are the peanut butter Steel Bars and the Chocolate Twisted Four Layer bars and believe me I have tried a lot of protein bars. These two are so much better than the ones you have probably tried and thrown away before. They taste good enough, they could actually replace your candy stash items giving you a guilt free way to feed your sweets addiction. There is nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy your between meal snacks. :)

Thank you for your time, I hope that these tips will help you to meet your weight loss goals!

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